Tasiri: ISDAO's Grant Impact Assessment Report

We are pleased to share our latest publication, Tasiri: ISDAO's Grants Impact Assessment Report. Under the independent leadership of a consultant, we commissioned this report to measure the impact of ISDAO grants within LGBTQI communities in West Africa, particularly between 2019 and 2021.

Among the key findings of the Tasiri report are evidence of the growth and evolution of the LGBTQI movement in West Africa since the start of ISDAO grants, and ISDAO's role in helping to build a just and inclusive movement.

The report also includes first-hand data and case studies from our Grantee-partners, Movement Partners, and Donors about the state of the movement, challenges, opportunities, and priorities.

This report is relevant for all stakeholders in the West African LGBTQI movement, and we hope you find it useful for your work. Happy reading!