Special Initiative: Love Alliance

ISDAO is pleased to announce its participation in Love Alliance!

A 5-year project

The overall goal of the Love Alliance is to ensure the health and empowerment of :

  • Communities of LGBTQI people
  • Sex workers
  • People who use drugs (PWUD)

through a more inclusive and people-centred approach to sexual and reproductive health and rights.

The project will be implemented in partnership with and with funding from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs under its Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Fund.

A bold consortium

ISDAO is delighted to be part of Love Alliance, which has been developed and will be delivered by a bold consortium of organizations with a collective track record in advocacy, international partnership management, participatory grantmaking, leadership, movement building and capacity building. In addition to ISDAO, consortium members include:

Key spaces

As one of the sub-regional funders, ISDAO will anchor this project in West Africa, through grant-making, accompaniment and support for advocacy, and movement building and organising led by LGBTQI movements, PWUDs and sex workers, in BurkinaFaso and Nigeria.

Through this project, ISDAO will also strengthen advocacy at sub-regional level and the commitment of these movements' activists in key spaces.

Great initiatives

We envision that through this project, within these three communities, we will strengthen the recognition and appreciation of intersectionality as well as the interconnections of our struggles, and that this will contribute to the building of more diverse and intersectional movements. At ISDAO, this project will be carried out and run as an initiative, and this will complement, but not replace, current and ongoing programmatic work to strengthen and support LGBTQI movements across West Africa.

Our Vision

ISDAO's overall vision is to build a fairer and more inclusive West Africa, a vision to which this project is closely aligned.

We are particularly excited to further work that addresses SRHR holistically and seeks to address some of the factors that promote and contribute to HIV prevalence, including stigma, discrimination, gender-based violence and patriarchy.

A commitment

The project provides an opportunity for ISDAO to deepen and expand its grantmaking, accompaniment and advocacy engagement in Burkina Faso and Nigeria, two of our focal countries. We would also bring our experience and expertise in participatory grantmaking and our knowledge of the sub-region. We look forward to contributing to building stronger and more inclusive sexual rights movements in West Africa.

Love Alliance - Together for Health and Human Rights