Special Grants

The Love Alliance's 4th Call for Proposals is open until November 30 for communities of LGBTQI people, people who use drugs and sex workers in Burkina Faso and Nigeria.


Our process

to award the ASANKA Special Grant - Creative Initiatives

step 1

Open Call for Concept Notes

Groups/organizations/individual activists will be asked to submit their concept notes within three (3) weeks.

step 2

Submission of Concept Notes

Concept Notes are accepted from groups/organizations/individual activists based in the sub-region or in the diaspora over a 3-week period.

step 3

Translation of Concept Notes

All eligible Concept Notes are translated into English or French.

Step 4

Review by the panel

Concept notes are reviewed by the panel virtually, respecting the principles of confidentiality and absence of conflict of interest.

step 5

Virtual project presentation for finalists and virtual decision-making meeting

The contacts for each Concept Note will make a presentation to the Panel by video call to explain and justify the project they have submitted. Final decisions are made by the Panel.

step 6

Validation of the Panel's decision

The ISDAO Board of Directors validates the grants awarded by the Panel. With the exception of any red flags or major concerns identified, the overall decision made by the Panel, independently and autonomously, is respected. This is a process in which the Board of Directors approves all funding for disbursement and shares red flag cases, if any. This validation is an administrative process and is part of the accountability and governance measures of ISDAO.

Step 7

Group/Partner/Activist Notifications

The Communications team sends a notification communication to all groups/activists who submitted a Concept Note based on the outcome of the decision of the decision-making panel.

step 8

Signing of grant agreements and transfer of funds

Funds are transferred to the bank accounts of the recipients or their fiscal hosts within two to three weeks of signing the agreement. All individual activists will receive grants through a fiscal host of their choice.

History of Special Grants