We are committed to creating, publishing and sharing research and other resources that contribute to the strengthening and resourcing of the West African LGBTQI movement.

Publications and reports

Feb 2023

Doundou: Mapping LGBTQI organizing in West Africa

The 2022 report provides compelling evidence of change and growth in the LGBTQI movement in West Africa in an increasingly complex social, political, economic, and security context, as well as the current state of funding in the region.

Jan 2023

We Exist - Mapping LGBTQ Organizing in West Africa

Originally published in 2016, We Exist provides an overview of LGBTQ organizing in nine West African countries through 2016, drawing on the perspectives and experiences of local activists and organizations, and highlighting challenges and opportunities.

Sep 2022

“Who is afraid of gender ?” - Study on “gender ideology”

ISDAO and Queer African Youth Network - QAYN commissioned a study on gender ideology and the anti-gender campaigns that support it in Burkina Faso, Ghana and Senegal to better understand the structure, organization and manifestation of so-called "anti-gender" movements in West Africa.

June 2022

Kuûmã - Guide to Linguistic Inclusion and Justice


Sep 2021

Issue 1 - Citizen Engagement of LGBTQI Activists in Broader Social Justice Struggles in West Africa

Annual reports

Nov 2022

Annual Report 2021 - Mosaic of Stories

Oct 2021

Annual Report 2020: Bridges Under the Waves

Sep 2020

Annual report 2019 : Moving with the Movement


Apr 2022

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